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Keith enjoys applying his energy and skills to exciting businesses with category-changing potential. With a deep background in all stages of defining, designing, developing and operationalizing new concepts, a broad view of leading edge technologies from various fields, and extensive experience leading multilevel cross-functional teams to excel, he has proven to be a versatile leader of innovative businesses.


Expertise include:

Leadership and Management
  • Building/leading high-performance cross-functional teams, and inspiring them to extraordinary accomplishments
  • Metric-driven management: aligning internal and external stakeholders on vision and strategy; tying initiatives to the goals; and identifying and monitoring leading indicators of performance to reward progress and/or adjust course.
  • Coaching CEOs and senior managers
Driving Innovation and Rapid Growth
  • Leading disruptive innovation - developing breakthrough products and services that delight users (by integrating a broad base of education and experience in technology, marketing, consumer behavior, product design, operations, and management)
  • Developing and integrating product, go-to-market, and capital strategies
  • Operations - implementing best practices and developing systems to address complex operational challenges
Fundraising and Exits
  • Raising capital (venture capital, venture debt, angel, ROBS, SBA, etc.) and working with investor-boards
  • Building value and managing exit events
  • Managing complex negotiations
Business Assessment
  • Reviewing business strategy, operations and management
  • Reviewing investment opportunities: potential for sustained cash flow / profitability; defensibility

Technologies and Markets

Applied at the intersection of these technologies and markets:

  • Software
  • Electronics and consumer tech
  • Sensor-enabled hardware / IoT
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Machine vision
  • Interactive systems
Applications and Markets
  • Fitness/wellness/health technology
  • Supporting behavior change with integrated human/computer systems
  • Franchising and tech licensing
  • Retail rollouts
  • Sports skill development technology
  • Children's enrichment
  • Digital marketing / marketing automation
  • Click-and-mortar offerings
  • Political campaigns
Channels and Models
  • B2B: SMB, hospitals, military, fitness centers, YMCA's, schools, sports teams
  • B2C: local retail, families, exercisers
  • Subscriptions: B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
  • Licensing/franchising: tech licensing with recurring revenue; single- and multi-unit franchising
  • Channel/strategic partners

Contact Keith

Connect with Keith via LinkedIn, or email Keith at kcamhi at gmail dot com.