Avocet Podcast: Interview of Keith on Disruptive Innovation

Discussion of key factors for driving successful innovation and growth including: a founder's vision based on experience in the domains of both the problem and the solution; a strategy that integrates product, market and capital considerations; leadership that aligns teams with storytelling, strategy, metrics and incentives; and more.

Why Your Fitness-Tech Product Will Fail, Part 2: Automating the Wrong Things
Understanding the human-computer symbiosis for fitness-, wellness-, sports-, and consumer-health-tech

In this article I cover a nuanced but critically important aspect of fitness-tech product strategy, namely what parts of the experience are best implemented directly to the user, and what parts are better handled indirectly through a coach.

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Why Your Fitness-Tech Product Will Fail, Part 1: Product Concept Flaws
Common categories of concept flaws in fitness-, wellness-, sports-, and consumer-health-tech products

I am often asked by inventors, entrepreneurs, and prospective investors review their latest and greatest fitness- and sports-tech ideas. Here's the first article in a series summarizing what I tell them.

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Forbes: Tech Startup CEOs, Don't Fear Having A Board (But Do Set It Up Right)

Many first-time tech CEOs I speak with or advise seem to fear that taking on investment means losing control to an outside board. I had similar concerns many years ago when I raised my first venture capital round. These worries are largely misplaced.

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Building a Great Tech Startup Board

Getting the right people on your board of directors can be a significant strategic asset to your business. Here’s an overview of who to get, who to avoid, and how to screen them.

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The Sleepy Commercial Fitness Industry
Still (Mostly) “Bent Metal and Marketing”

Observations on the changes to the commercial fitness equipment and commercial fitness tech offerings over the last decade, and a substantial missed opportunity for the industry.

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A Framework for Managing (and Predicting) Successful Innovation

Through my involvement leading innovation directly at companies that I've founded, being part of large companies' innovation successes (and failures), and studying innovation both in an academic and real-world setting, I have developed a framework for what it takes to drive successful innovation.

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Vistage Colorado CEO Summit (video)
Lessons Learned from Leading Disruptive Innovation: Winning (then Losing) the Fitness Tech Revolution

Talk covers lessons learned taking FitLinxx from a basement startup to the venture-backed leader in fitness tech, with over 500 locations worldwide (and postscript on how the company lost the wearables space after Keith left).

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